You need a professional graphic designer today!

You need a professional graphic designer today!


Wondering if you need to hire a graphic designer today? If the thought is crossing your mind then the answer is emphatically YES! In business image is everything. These days, having s computer makes everybody think they are a graphic designer. If this person is you, then you might want to stop reading now. For the more rational, hiring a professional is good idea. This post will give you 5 reasons why hiring  professional graphic designer is the way to go.


1.) You Don’t Have Time

As a small business owner, time is MONEY. Creating that flashy flyer for your new campaign is great and all but how much could you have made in that same time? Hiring a designer means you can get the project done get back to doing what you do best. MAKING MONEY (in my best Johnny football voice).


2.) You Can’t Afford NOT To

Getting the right look requires skill and the learning curve can be steep depending on what program you use. By the time you get the hang the program you have spent hours which equates to dollars, dinero, euros, or whatever denomination your money comes in. How many times have you tried to DIY, made the problem worse and STILL ended up paying someone to do it anyways? 9 times out of 10 you paid more than you would have if you had hired a professional designer in the first place. For example, paying a designer $500 will allow you to focus on bringing in $1000 and getting a 200% return on your investment.


3.) Creating A Consistent Look

Creating raving fans is what makes your company money. Making sure those raving fans recognize you is the designers job. Having a consistent look across all your social media sites requires an attention to detail that most don’t have. Customers form attachments to your brand through your  marketing materials that create a sense of loyalty. That feeling needs to be the same no matter where they see your company.


4.) You Want To Stand Out

If you are a small business in a small town then you may not necessarily need to stand out BUT if you are operating in a location with multiple people that do what you do, standing out is essential. What makes you different from the next guy? If you are using canned fliers or dressed up Microsoft Word documents, then the answer is NOTHING! A professional will give you that signature look that will make customers take notice.


5.) You Will Save Money On Aspirin

Let’s face it, graphic design is a blessing and a curse. If you get it right, it’s amazing but if you get it wrong, you will look unprofessional, when you look unprofessional, this leads to pulling your hair out. When you pull your hair out you have to spend money on wigs, etc…you get the picture. Don’t spend money on wigs, hire a professional graphic designer.


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